Sweet Success Stories 

MAY 06, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

Sweet Success Stories 

Authored by Holly L. Einspahr

As Practus celebrates its 6th anniversary, I’m thrilled to be part of a law firm whose driving force is the people on our team. I connect with every single person here in my role as Human Resources Specialist. I can truly say our team, their collective efforts, the passion they have for creating an innovative law firm culture, and their commitment to representing their clients have made Practus into what it is today. 

Practus is unique in that they support the individual growth of each attorney and their legal practice as equally as they support the synergistic approach and collaboration of diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences that foster an environment of innovation and holistic growth. After 30+ years in HR and legal fields, embracing the development of each person and the overall law firm is rarely found… plus, it helps that we have fun along the way! Part 2 of our 6th anniversary series is all about celebrating the people behind our firm’s growth. 

Growth at Practus 

In Part 1 of this series, we discuss how the firm has grown by more than 400% since Practus launched 6 years ago. But… our growth isn’t just measured in numbers; it’s reflected in the relationships we’ve built, our ability to offer full-service representation to clients, the caliber of our team, and the trust we’ve earned from our clients. 

One of the core values at Practus is:  

We believe in cultivating a team of independent, motivated, and visionary lawyers representing a variety of practice and specialty areas.  

When we first launched, this value meant representing clients across complementary practice areas so that we could support them proactively and efficiently throughout all their legal needs. One of our top goals for this year is to embrace an unprecedented year of growth across all aspects of Practus: clients we represent, attorneys, practice areas, locations, , and support staff. 

With the addition of talented attorneys and developments in the law, we’ve expanded upon existing practice areas and added entirely new ones as well, including: 

  • U.S. Food and Drug Law (FDA) 
    • Our FDA team is fully integrated with our other firm practice areas, such as intellectual property, corporate, product liability and other litigation, advertising, and product safety. 
  • Emerging Technologies 
    • As a tech-forward law firm that integrates emerging technologies within our daily workflows, we are thrilled to have added this practice area that aims to help clients succeed in one of the most rapidly evolving areas of law.  
  • Healthcare Law 
    • We’ve welcomed five talented attorneys that each bring a new type of experience to this expanding practice area. From the M&A side of healthcare to commercial litigation and regulatory compliance, we’re excited to be able to offer our clients even more comprehensive services within the healthcare legal field. 
  • Financial Services  
    • We were founded with a strong Financial Services team… and it continues to be one of the biggest practice areas at the firm. But, this year marked some major milestones within the ETF space thanks to the group efforts of our Financial Services attorneys.  

Our visionary team of attorneys make this high caliber level of representation for our clients not only possible, but they do it with such excitement and passion that it is celebrated and enthusiastically supported throughout the entire firm.  

Celebrating the People Behind Our Firm’s Growth 

Growth is so much more than our achievements. After all, without the individuals who have been instrumental in doing the work, there would be no achievements to celebrate! 

Introducing the Six-Minute Series 

To celebrate the individuals of Practus, we launched our Six-Minute Series over the last year to give you a peek into the hearts and minds of our attorneys. These brief yet insightful conversations reveal the essence of who we are—our passions, quirks, and aspirations. Attorneys share insights into their legal practice, the driving force behind their decision to join Practus, and even glimpses into their personal lives. 

From discussing legal strategies to sharing favorite hobbies, each interview paints a quick picture of the diverse talents and personalities that make up our firm. This series is an opportunity to get to know attorneys beyond their resumes and credentials, forging connections that extend beyond the confines of a legal transaction. 

You can catch up on the entire Six-Minutes Series on our Practus News page! 

The Backbone of Practus 

Obviously, we wouldn’t be a law firm without attorneys. But we also wouldn’t be Practus without the incredible guidance and support of our professional staff made up of our non-legal team members. They are the engine that keeps our firm running and ensures our practice continues to run smoothly.  

We are celebrating our 6th year with more than 20 non-attorney team members across industries that all work synergistically to: 

  • improve communications  
  • enhance billing services 
  • expedite conflicts checks 
  • offer state-of-the-art legal tech 
  • ensure Practus is being seen by potential clients with innovative marketing 
  • remove geographical restraints with technology 
  • integrate systems across platforms 
  • establish a culture that is unlike any other law firm 
  • overcome hurdles proactively by updating systems before problems arise 
  • develop innovative solutions that aren’t typically seen in the legal field 
  • hire legal and non-legal candidates in a strategic way to encourage scalability and holistic growth 

I am proud of how far Practus has come and am excited to see what Sweet Success Stories we’ll be celebrating throughout our 6th year as a firm. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series: Bytes of Sweet Success – Harnessing Technology for Firm Growth. Subscribe below to get Practus News straight to your inbox! 

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