6 Years: How Sweet It’s Been 

APR 29, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

6 Years: How Sweet It’s Been 

Authored by John H. Lively

This upcoming month marks 6 years since Practus first launched in 2018… and how sweet it’s been! As we reach this milestone, it’s not just a time to celebrate. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on just how far we’ve come and the path we envision for the future. In these moments of reflection, we’re reminded of our humble beginnings and what made it possible to reach this 6-year point: the people of Practus and their invaluable contributions, the technology that supports every little step we take, and our culture that makes us different from any other law firm.  

Tradition says the 6th anniversary is one where we exchange sweet gifts. Although we’re far from traditional, this 6th year series will take you on a journey from our sweet beginnings to the sweet moments that’ll bring Practus into the future.  

Sweet Beginnings 

It’s hard to believe that Practus started with just 11 attorneys and 5 staff members for a total of 16 people that made up our team. All of us took a leap of faith when leaving behind the traditional law firm model that had “worked” for centuries to join a virtual law firm with a tech-forward backbone.  The reality is the traditional firm model wasn’t working for us or our clients anymore.  

When we launched Practus, we knew our law firm needed to be different and more efficient than ever before while having the ability to easily scale when representing clients with the power of a full-service law firm. And each step of the way, we did things just a little differently. Even our first hire being our CTO instead of another attorney seemed like an out there decision to most. 

Looking back, it wasn’t just the 16 Practus employees that took the leap of faith, their loved ones and family members took that leap with them. Thanks to everyone involved, we created a firm with a collaborative culture, autonomy that most of us hadn’t had in the past, and a vision of the future that has come to fruition today.  

As of this month, Practus has more than 50 partner-level attorneys, making our Practus team 70+ strong for our 6th anniversary. That’s more than 400% growth since we started!  

But the best part? 

We still stay true to our core values that we created during those sweet beginnings. Because it’s not just about growth. It’s about creating a law firm where attorneys can collaborate, celebrate together, and have the autonomy to represent clients in the way that works best for everyone involved.  

Where are we now? 

Throughout the rest of this anniversary month, we’ll be sharing insights into how we got to where we are today. Spoiler alert: it’s been a massive team endeavor that wouldn’t have been possible without the people here today and our clients.  

Here’s a sneak preview of this upcoming month: 

  1. Sweet Success Stories: Celebrating the People Behind Our Firm’s Growth 
  2. Bytes of Sweet Success: Harnessing Technology for Firm Growth 
  3. Sweet Harmony: Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration and Celebration  

Thank you for all the sweet moments of inspiration and innovation that have led us to celebrating our 6th year together. To our clients and our team that have put their faith and trust in what we’re building here at Practus, you are what keeps us going and striving to be better year after year.  

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