Break free from never-ending pressure to hit billable hour targets, office bureaucracy, and opaque compensation structures.

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Our hybrid law firm is founded on a balance between work and the rest of your life. Thanks to the efficiencies of technology, Practus gives you a more flexible work schedule, a choice of where you work, and more take-home pay.

We reject minimum billable requirements, opaque compensation structures, and layers of bureaucracy. Our comprehensive and robust back office makes life easy for you. And, we foster the independence and autonomy you’ve been yearning for.

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We invest time and resources to create a culture of collaboration and connectivity. Our intention is to glue people together, regardless of where they work. This takes consistent effort and we take pride in making this a priority at our distributed law firm.

Through events, celebrations, meetings and activities, we make sure that our attorneys and staff feel united. Our cohesive values and corporate philosophy make this possible and of course, having the best technology and tools to bridge people together is also important.

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We have an incredible team of talented attorneys with superior credentials and valuable experience comparable to top law firms, especially within the hybrid law model.

What makes us different is our leadership team of business executives that have experience working with global brands, at award winning media agencies, and for innovative technology companies. This means we think like business-people and have our finger on the pulse. We are building a brand, creating partnerships and implementing integrated marketing initiatives that set us apart from our competition.

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At Practus, we get it. You want all the benefits of a traditional firm, but the freedom to chart your own course. You want the flexibility to work with your clients knowing that “one size fits all” isn’t always the right approach. You want to do what you do best – practice law – in a law firm that offers state-of-the-art technology and responsive back-office support.

When you join Practus, you’ll experience a different kind of law firm, where you are free to serve your clients in a way that’s best for you and for them. Enjoy a more balanced life and a more positive work experience.

  • Control Your Schedule & Income
  • No Minimum Billable Hour Requirements
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements
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Practus business model



Join a distributed law firm that has a better economic model, gives you more flexibility and control, and allows you to work where you thrive. Join a new generation of attorneys at Practus. To learn more, watch this Nasdaq interview with John Lively, Practus Managing Partner and Founder.

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Hear what partners have to say about their experience at Practus.

“I’ve felt more connected joining Practus (a virtual law firm, in the middle of a global pandemic) than I did when joining my previous law firm.”

Andrea Shaw, Partner
Portland, ME

“I joined Practus as it gave me the desired control over my own practice, with a terrific infrastructure to support it and a group of enormously talented partners throughout the country in so many practice areas. What could be better?”

Steven Young, Partner
Los Angeles, CA

“Practus is less bureaucratic than other distributed law firms I’ve experienced, which means I am more productive and happier than I’ve ever been at work!”

Diane Melnick, Partner

“I have a very full personal life along with my very full professional life. That busy operation only works if I have autonomy coupled with support, which the Practus model provides.”

Tiffany Christianson, Partner

“Practus has allowed me to better manage my work and personal life. Not only the virtual aspect of the firm, but the collaborative nature of all the partners. Practus provides us with optimal work-life balance.”

Robert Moreiro, Partner
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The bench strength to practice law nationally with finance and deal making partners in the areas where my labor and employment and policy work creates cross marketing opportunities.”

Robert Fried, Partner
San Francisco, CA

“Clients reasonably expect their law firms to leverage technology and efficient processes to reduce the cost and increase the impact of their legal spend.  Practus allows me to deliver on this expectation.”

Jesse Camacho, Partner
Kansas City, MO

“I have been so impressed with the high caliber of attorneys and different practice areas, which allows me to provide quality, full-service support to clients with the attractiveness and flexibility of various service models that fit the clients’ needs.”

Molly Aspan
Oklahoma City, OK



Practus attorneys bring a breadth and depth of experience from some of the world’s top law firms, agencies and organizations. That experience shows up in the legal counsel, support and results we provide to our clients each day.


Our lawyers have studied around the globe and offer a variety of perspectives and educational experiences, which has served as a solid foundation for our law firm.


Feel free to contact us directly if we can answer any additional questions or if you just want to better understand if Practus is the right fit for you.

What is the compensation structure at Practus?
  • You keep 80% of what you bill and originate.
  • You get 52% for work that Practus partners refer to you.
  • You get 28% for making a referral to another Practus partner.

We also encourage our partners to negotiate terms of compensation that are agreeable to both parties should the ones we recommend for referred work not be suitable.

What are the minimum billable requirement hours?

There are no minimum billable hour requirements. Which means you can work and bill the hours that best suit your lifestyle. Isn’t that a relief!

What does my 20% partnership fee include?
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Technology Support
  • Standard Firm Software
  • Practus Document Management System
  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Bill Production and Invoicing
  • Marketing for Firm
Is there a financial incentive to keep work at the law firm?

Yes! You get financially rewarded by keeping work in-house. We want your colleagues to refer business to you and vice versa. We work hard to create a culture that encourages collaboration and cross-selling so that you can grow your book.

How do you handle billing and fee arrangements for clients?

At Practus, attorneys can run their practice how they see fit. Alternative fee arrangements are encouraged. Whether it is a fixed fee, success fee, contingency fee or an hourly fee, it is up to you and your client. We use a leading comprehensive practice management solution called ProLaw by Thomson Reuters. It helps partners connect, track matter updates, stay current and have secure access anytime from anywhere.

Where do partners work?

Partners can work wherever they thrive. Practus is primarily a virtual law firm with few brick and mortar locations. Most partners prefer to work from their home offices but this is optional. Others rent office space that they share with local Practus partners. Some partners even rent occasional space at co-working spaces like Regus and only use it when they have meetings. Whatever works best for you and your practice is what we support.

How do partners work together?

Culture, collaboration and cross-selling are all dependent on each other. We nurture a strong work culture because we know that a cohesive team helps bridge gaps and keeps people connected. We have regular events, celebrations, meetings and virtual activities that help our attorneys feel united. We also encourage smaller group meetings and working sessions to help attorneys with business development planning and strategic client pitches. Our business team of non-attorneys provide support and are dedicated to help our partners grow their books.

What technology do we offer when you join?

Given our virtual law model, technology is a critical component to our success. Our Chief Technology Officer meets with every single partner during their onboarding process and helps them develop a bespoke software and hardware checklist so that they have everything they need on day one.

  • Office 365 E3 Plus Package
  • Pro Law by Thomson Reuters
  • Adobe PDF
  • MS Teams
  • Worlddox
  • docsCorp Compare
  • Dashlane
  • WebRoot Virus Protection & Security Awareness
Who is part of the General Leadership Team of the firm?

Click here to see the members of the Practus leadership team. Notice that we are a collection of business executives who have experience at global brands, award winning media agencies, and innovative technology companies. We focus on growing our digital footprint and have modern marketers who understand what it takes to be relevant in today’s business landscape.

How does the onboarding process work?

Our onboarding process is comprehensive and thorough. We have a team of experts who meet with new partners and make the process as streamlined and fluid as possible. We also take the time to introduce you to strategically advantageous partners who are critical to the business development of your own practice.

How is Practus different from other law firms?
  • Motivated and talented partners that are happy to work here
  • Flexible work schedule with more take home pay
  • Independence and autonomy you’ve been yearning for
  • Collaborative culture that is united and cohesive
  • Leadership team of business executives that have brand building expertise and modern marketing skills.
  • Focus on thought leadership content that is insightful and relevant.


Help us reshape the future of law through a different kind of law firm to better serve your clients in a way that’s best for you and for them.

Are you ready to enjoy a more balanced life and a more positive work experience?

Join Practus Today

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