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FINRA Notice Addresses Disclosure Innovations in Advertising and Other Public Communications

Read Ethan Corey’s article in the September edition of The Investment Lawyer

SEC Staff Suggests Steps for Mutual Funds to Improve Principal Risks Disclosure

OCIE Issues Risk Alert Regarding Investment Adviser Principal and Agency Cross Trading Compliance Issues

Broker-Dealer Exemptive Relief May Affect Advisers’ Allocation Practices

SEC Issues Guidance Regarding Proxy Voting Responsibilities of Investment Advisers

Steps to Taking the Solo Practitioner Leap for Attorneys

Mother, May I? The SEC Declares War on the Use of “May”

Financial Advisors: What is Your Relationship with Technology?

Three More Attorneys Join Practus

Feds Nix ‘flicts for Brokers and Advisers

Unhappy at Your Law Firm? How to Determine When to Make a Change

Reducing Stress as a Lawyer: How to Avoid Lawyer Burnout

Is Work-Life Balance Supposed to be 50/50?

Revolutionizing the Traditional Law Firm

Evening the Scales: The Value of Work-Life Balance in Law

Meet Our New Attorneys!

Visionary Law Firm, Practus Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Corporate Governance Update: How Delaware Law Interacts with Federal Securities Law

Financial Advisor: What You Personally Have To Know About Regulatory Compliance

An Analysis of the SEC’s Proposed Fund of Funds Rule

Tips for a More Secure Client Relationship


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