Practus’s virtual model emphasizes flexibility and autonomy which provides our attorneys a better way to practice law and work with clients.

Practus Roots

Practus, LLP is the brainchild of Founder John Lively and Co-Founder Robert “Bob” Elwood, with the seed of this idea dating back to 2009. 

It started from their experiences in the BigLaw environment where working hours are long, commutes are time consuming and weekends with family are a rarity for attorneys. They also found it frustrating to navigate through things like typical office politics, a growing emphasis on billable hours and inflated costs passed onto clients. 

Ultimately, John saw that BigLaw was toxic and focused on the wrong things which was something he didn’t want his family, colleagues and clients to continue to endure. He connected with his former colleague, Bob about “the concept” of Practus, launching the predecessor to the firm in 2010. And so began the journey of creating a law firm with a new perspective. 

Their goal was to create an environment that fosters work/life balance and helps attorneys reconnect to doing what they love (practicing law!) and loving what they do (without all the bureaucracy!). The result? A law firm that empowers their attorneys with the technology they need to help them do their best work wherever they happen to be or wherever their clients are. In doing so, Practus developed a system that benefits attorneys and clients alike, through more cost-effective legal services, improved responsive availability and personalized services. Read more about Bob Elwood’s perspective on disrupting the legal industry.

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Our firm is built to meet the needs of what smart clients are seeking: knowledgeable attorneys, efficiency, and sensible economics—all of which foster great relationships. 

We’re looking to build a team of attorneys and leaders who can reshape the future of virtual law for our clients, our people and the communities in which we work.

practus team
practus team


The meaning of “Practus” comes from the combination of the words “practice” and “us”, reflecting the idea of going beyond traditional attorney/client relationships. It is a purposeful reminder of our mission to support our clients with long term perspectives, deeper and more meaningful solutions, and shared values.

attorneys Socialize
attorneys Socialize

Our Values

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Practus is a team of creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have a unique outlook to
how law can be better for clients and the communities we serve.

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