What’s in store for 2024? 

FEB 09, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

What’s in store for 2024? 

Authored by John H. Lively

Each year we take time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a firm since our initial launch and use that reflection to plan where we want to go moving forward. This year, in particular, holds the potential to be a transformative chapter of our journey, marked by growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to providing our clients with comprehensive legal counsel.  

Unprecedented Growth

In 2024, Practus is well established and ready to take the next step in our goal to expand the legal services we offer our clients. For that to happen, we are embracing a year of unprecedented growth at the firm. Our team is growing across all aspects: attorneys, practice areas, locations, clients we represent, and support staff.  

To kick off the growth for 2024, we are excited to announce the addition of our new U.S. Food & Drug Administration practice area! Our FDA attorneys offer a unique combination of broad-based legislative and regulatory experience and scientific capabilities. The addition of this practice area allows us to better serve our clients with strategic commercial priorities and product portfolios regulated by the FDA.  

Our growth isn’t confined to our internal team—it extends to reaching new clients and establishing a more robust presence throughout the United States. Many clients have complex legal issues that often span across multiple jurisdictions. By strategically developing a larger geographical footprint, we are building stronger attorney-client relationships through more comprehensive representation regardless of the client’s jurisdictional needs. 

Streamlined Systems and Processes

We believe in the power of innovation, never resting on our laurels, always pursuing new thinking and ideas to help us work smarter and deliver the best results to our clients.  

This has been one of our core values since the beginning of Practus. To stay true to that value, we are always looking into our internal systems and processes to create a more efficient workflow. In 2024, we’re doubling down on this commitment by incorporating cutting-edge project management tools, docketing software, and conflict management technology. Implementing these software tools and upgraded legal tech ensures that our processes are not only more efficient, but also more responsive to clients’ legal needs. 

Establishing more streamlined systems and technological advancements continues to provide clients with: 

  • innovative legal solutions 
  • improved communication between attorneys and their clients 
  • more transparency when it comes to invoicing 
  • faster conflict checks 
  • efficient workflows, resulting in lower legal costs 

We’ve already started to implement some of these improvements, and we’re excited to better serve you in this ever-evolving legal landscape. 

Embracing Collaboration

At Practus, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s at the core of our culture. Our attorneys, spread across the country, consistently collaborate on projects, close significant deals, and secure favorable outcomes for clients through joint representation.  

When we started in 2018 with just 11 attorneys, we had a vision of using the virtual nature of Practus to seamlessly collaborate across time zones and practice areas, creating legal teams that our clients need. Now that we have over 45 attorneys, it’s rewarding to witness the synergy among our partners as they provide a full-service legal experience for their clients.  

The growth of attorneys and practice areas at Practus combined with a culture of collaboration means developing uniquely qualified legal teams to support each client’s legal needs. These legal teams are location-independent, which means clients can work with attorneys based on their skill sets rather than office location.  

As we embark on this exciting journey of growth, innovation, and collaboration in 2024, we know that it wouldn’t be possible without each person that’s been a part of the Practus story so far. Your support, trust, and partnership are the cornerstones of our success. Thank you for helping Practus be the law firm it is today with the opportunity to continue providing clients with the legal services they deserve. 

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