Email Ad Infinitum: Rightsizing Your Inbox

Shawn DanielsTechnology

person holding chair to protect against emails flying out of laptop

Email is just the tool to make us better connected and more productive. Except when it isn’t.  In the 47 years since its invention, Email has become a life-blood of business communications, and law practices are no exception. One hundred billion emails are generated every day, with plenty landing squarely in your inbox. In ancient times, Sisyphus labored day after … Read More

Technology is Reshaping the Workplace

John LivelyTechnology

hand emitting digital links

Don’t look now, but the times they are a-changin’ in every services field. Some industries step on the gas, while others keep a heavy foot on the brakes. Tech has the power to shrink distances and expand communications. New platforms are changing how we work, collaborate with our teams, and connect with our clients. In the economy at large, where … Read More