Email Ad Infinitum: Rightsizing Your Inbox (Updated 2021)

Shawn DanielsTechnology

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Email is a Ubiquitous Form of Professional & Personal Communication Email is just the tool to make us better connected and more productive. Except when it isn’t.  In the nearly 50 years since its invention, Email has become a life-blood of business communications, and law firms are no exception. Over 300 billion emails are generated every day, with plenty landing … Read More

CTO Tips to Backing Up Your Computer & Devices in 2021

Shawn DanielsTechnology

backup computer

Authored By Chief Technology Officer, Shawn Daniels When we think about backing up our local computer, most of us think about plugging in the USB thumb drive or external drive. Neither of these are methods I would recommend using to back up your data. Here are a few reasons why: Even if you’ve made sure to back up the data on … Read More

Technology is Reshaping the Workplace

John LivelyTechnology

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Don’t look now, but the times they are a-changin’ in every services field. Some industries step on the gas, while others keep a heavy foot on the brakes. Tech has the power to shrink distances and expand communications. New platforms are changing how we work, collaborate with our teams, and connect with our clients. In the economy at large, where … Read More