Top Legal Topics of 2024

MAR 08, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

Top Legal Topics of 2024

Authored by Stephanie Recupero

We’re at it again this year with 5 legal topics people will be talking about in 2024! Each year, the legal industry tends to have different fields of law that are more prevalent than others, shaped by the media, public opinion, and current events. While all fields of law remain important for us and our clients, here are 5 legal fields we expect to see even more of throughout the year: 

1. Generative AI and IP

The intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property was one of the fields of law we predicted would be the most talked about in 2023…. and after the continued growth of AI throughout the last year, we predict this will continue to be a top legal topic of 2024. However, this year’s AI and IP news stories may take a darker twist due to the ever-more-common deepfakes produced by generative AI. 

Due to the exponential improvements of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) within AI platforms, generative AI has become easier than ever to create for even casual users. This has created a sharp increase in deepfakes that use someone’s voice and likeness, making it difficult to determine whether or not content is legitimate or stolen IP. 

Already this year, the lawsuit between OpenAI and The Times has continued to be hashed out in court debating IP use and Terms & Conditions clauses while Elon Musk, who helped found OpenAI, recently joined the list of plaintiffs suing OpenAI for violating the company’s principles and abandoning the intention to build the platform for the benefit of humanity. 

As Elon mentions in his suit, there are undeniable benefits that come along with making AI more user friendly. For example, employees that implement AI into their workflows save an average of 1.75 hours per day by automating administrative tasks, analyzing data, creating code, and assisting on research. It’s more than just saving hours in the day; by delegating routine tasks to AI, users are able to get a jumpstart on whatever project they’re creating. So… rather than spending energy on creating something from nothing, AI users can get from first draft to final version with more brain power and creativity than ever before. 

The reality is AI is here to stay with an increasing number of executives, small companies, and individuals integrating this technology into their daily lives. Since it’s not going anywhere, we can expect new regulation when it comes to data privacy and IP as well as legal implications that will arise with deepfakes.  

We’re confident that attorneys practicing in emerging technologies and intellectual property practice areas are going to have an exciting year as this top legal topic of 2024 continues to develop. 

2. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy  

As data continues to be one of the most profitable commodities of today’s digital world, new privacy laws across the globe are expected to be implemented throughout 2024. Yes, part of this push for new legislation is due to… you guessed it… Generative AI. However, that isn’t the only reason cybersecurity and data privacy will be a top legal topic of 2024. 

Practus partner, Linda Priebe, highlights data concerns that have inspired states across the US to draft legislation giving their residents rights to: 

  • Know whether personal information about them is being processed.  
  • Access and delete certain personal information.  
  • Correct inaccuracies in personal information about them, taking into account the nature of the information and the purpose of processing.  
  • Data portability.  
  • Opt-out of the processing of personal information 
  • Either limit (opt-out of) or require consent to process sensitive personal data.  

Learn more about what you can expect when it comes to data privacy legislation changes across the globe in Linda’s full article here. Or, learn more about what cybersecurity and data privacy legal issues may affect you and your business here

3. Bankruptcy 

Inflation and interest rates joined forces throughout 2023 to launch a wave of corporate bankruptcy filings, making 2023 the year with the highest number of corporate bankruptcy filings in 13 years.  

This trend is expected to continue as businesses explore strategic ways to restructure their current operations, which is why we predict bankruptcy law will be one of the top legal topics for 2024.  

We’re proud to have a Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights practice area that provides the fast and responsive counsel needed to ensure favorable and fair resolutions in cases of insolvency. That could mean anything from rescuing bottles of wine for clients to strategic restructuring agreements, avoiding litigation, or representing creditors. This growing practice area is ready to represent clients in their time of need. 

4. Labor and Employment Law 

Labor and Employment Law made this list for top legal topics of 2024 due to big changes in legislation that will be enacted this year. One of the most drastic changes that will affect employees, employers, and independent contractors is the rescission of the 2021 Independent Contractor Rule and its replacement that goes into effect March 11, 2024. 

This new rule aims to provide workers with employee rights when they had previously lost out on because they were miscategorized as independent contractors. The U.S Department of Labor also notes that the new rule will be more consistent with current case law and the FSLA. 

The job market has stabilized significantly this year with fewer resignations than the previous 3 years and plenty of job openings. This stable job market will give HR and Compliance departments time to rework their policies and ensure new standards/classifications are met for the upcoming year.  

Rather than the media being flooded with headlines like “The Great Resignation” or “Quiet Quitting”, we expect stories to cover the dichotomy between workers’ rights and the lawsuits that follow to be a hot topic of 2024. 

Check out our Labor & Employment practice area for more insights into how your business can remain compliant with these upcoming changes.  

5. Constitutional Law 

Constitutional Law is one of those fields that only a select few truly get to use in their daily law practice, but when they do, it’s often followed by an enticing headline. Since it’s an election year in the US, we predict constitutional law to be a top legal topic of 2024.  

With the growing number of cases involving Constitutional Law and the media, law schools are even rethinking how they teach this required course. A previously predictable (and somewhat dry topic) has become an evolving legal landscape with what feels like constant high profile SCOTUS decisions. The American Bar Association has even touched on this topic in 2024, which is a good indicator constitutional law will continue to be a hot topic throughout the year. 

If these legal topics do, indeed, take the front page of legal news, 2024 will be an interesting and fast-paced year for the legal industry… especially for attorneys practicing in the emerging technologies fields. We’re excited to see how this year unfolds!  

At Practus, we’re proud to have attorneys across many of these practice areas so we can stay up to date on the latest developments. If these are the types of legal issues you want to be involved with in your practice, or if you are interested in joining our growing team of attorneys, please reach out to me or visit our website to learn more. 


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