Innovation and Progress at Practus 

MAY 26, 2022 | PRACTUS LLP

Innovation and Progress at Practus 

Authored by Tracey Watson

We have built and maintained some great processes at Practus over the last 4 years. We still prioritize technology and collaboration to run our firm. We still have an amazing (and a much larger) team that cares about our culture. And we still give clients a top-tier legal experience. While we’re proud of maintaining these standards at Practus, we’re equally excited about the progress we’ve made since opening our doors in 2018. 

This change and progress is not by accident or forced upon us due to the pandemic; it was planned from the beginning. One of our core values is “We believe in the power of innovation, never resting on our laurels, always pursuing new thinking and ideas to help us work smarter and deliver the best results to our clients.” Throughout these last 4 years, I can confidently say that we live by this value at Practus.  

Here are 3 of my favorite ways that we’ve embraced the power of innovation and new thinking within the last year: 

Efficient yet personalized onboarding process 

Our goal is to not only make you feel like part of the team from the moment you join Practus but also to get you up to speed and ready to practice law as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

The Practus onboarding experience makes some of the most dreaded aspects of transitioning to a new firm fast and easy since it’s home to everything you need to get started: 

  • A streamlined, digital Lateral Partnership Questionnaire (LPQ) 
  • Concise partnership agreement 
  • Innovative conflicts check & client intake process 
  • An intuitive Intranet full of helpful resources to get started 
  • One-on-one onboarding sessions with key Leadership Team members 
  • Personalized marketing content to support practice development efforts 

This process has been a leap forward when it comes to making technology work for us to improve processes that were otherwise tedious. Now, attorneys can hit the ground running right away. 

“Practus has the fastest closing time I’ve seen at a firm from the moment an attorney first speaks to a Practus representative to the moment they’re fully onboarded and ready to go. It’s pretty amazing to see as a recruiter.”

Erica Shelton, Legal Recruiter 
practus llp website

Newly- launched website that works hard for us and generates client leads 

First impressions matter. Especially when you’re a tech-forward law firm. This past year, we completely revamped our website making it easier for potential clients to find us and our attorneys, highlight what makes Practus different, and share Practus News.  

Within the new unified Practus website, each attorney essentially has their own site to showcase their practice and their content. They can use it to share with potential clients and with other attorneys as a sleek referral point. Each attorney page includes: 

  • an interactive biography that’s created in conjunction with the marketing team; 
  • a virtual business card (vCard) with direct contact information; 
  • fun facts so clients can get to know their attorney as a person; 
  • an experience tab that includes practice area and industry information; 
  • attorney bar admissions and associations; and 
  • a unique RSS feed with all the articles they’ve authored.  

The attorney pages enable potential clients to easily find a Practus attorney that best fits their needs and directly contact the attorney from their page. Having multiple pages allocated to each partner increases their SEO performance, creating more opportunities for our team to show up in search engine results. This directly correlates with increased organic leads for our attorneys. 

A big part of what makes our website easy to find online is the legal insights and work-life balance articles our team posts on Practus News. Practus attorneys share the latest in their legal industries with actionable steps for the reader and insights breaking down complex changes in the law. On the other side, Practus admin team members share deep dives into our culture, what makes us different, and what it’s like to be at a virtual law firm.  All of these efforts contribute to a successful online presence and better client experience. 

Custom Practus Intranet as your hub with everything you need to practice law 

What’s on the inside is just as (if not more) important as what’s on the outside, which is where our Iintranet comes in. From ProLaw and employee benefits to conflicts forms and marketing resources, the site is a hub to all things Practus. This year, we prioritized technology improvements on the Iintranet to make sure every attorney can practice in a virtual capacity with ease.  

The Practus Intranet is home to Snack & Learns, CLEs, announcements, firm events, resources for growing your client base, guides, quick links to cloud-based software, and so much more. Once you’re inside, you’re officially part of Practus and have the same resources as every other team member. This is just one more way we make it possible to join Practus quickly while seamlessly migrating your work product and clients to a new law firm – closing the gap that many laterally transitioning attorneys experience when switching firms. 

Innovation, progress, and new thinking have empowered us to work smarter and deliver better client experiences this year compared to ever before. Looking back over the last 4 years, I am proud of both what we’ve maintained and how far we’ve progressed at the same time. It makes me excited to see what innovative processes we’ll develop over the next year to help us reach even bigger goals!!  

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