Celebrating 4 Years of Hitting the Right Note

MAY 05, 2022 | PRACTUS LLP

Celebrating 4 Years of Hitting the Right Note

Authored by John H. Lively

As I sit and write this, I can’t believe 4 years have gone by since we launched Practus. It seems like just yesterday that I was working the grind, stuck in the car, stuck in traffic, contemplating my options.  

I first envisioned Practus while I was in the big law firm environment, realizing that it wasn’t going to work for me for the long term. I was working long hours, commuting nearly two hours a day, and working a lot of weekends. Plus worrying about the typical office politics, hitting my realization ratios, and meeting my billable hours was wearing on me. It just wasn’t what I wanted for my family, and I needed a different solution. That’s when I started reaching out to some former colleagues about “the concept” of Practus and how we could create a better work-life balance for people who were in the same situation. 

Since that time, I have had so many conversations with other attorneys who had similar stories. The work/life balance wasn’t there. The culture was toxic. Their worth was defined by a number. Their rates were set by others, as they watched their clients jump ship after one too many rate increases. I could go on and on. We are incredibly fortunate that many of them have joined our team and made us better in the process.  

And we continue that growth trajectory today. This past year we’ve expanded our footprint across the US by 53%, increased our attorney and staff head count by 21%, and doubled our Practice Areas by 100%! There’s no question our model is working, not only for our attorneys and staff, but for our clients too. 

We continue to embrace the values we adopted four years ago as we turn our eyes towards year five.  

  • We believe in fostering a balanced environment where people live the lives they love, while loving the work they do. 
  • We believe our clients deserve outstanding legal representation and support that is more responsive, innovative, simpler, and fair.  
  • We believe in cultivating a team of independent, motivated, and visionary lawyers representing a variety of practice and specialty areas.  
  • We believe in the power of innovation, never resting on our laurels, always pursuing new thinking and ideas to help us work smarter and deliver the best results to our clients. 

By leveraging technology to serve clients better, surrounding our partners with the right kinds of support they need, fostering a healthy culture of teamwork and collaborations and bringing the joy back to the practice of law, I’d say we’re onto something. That’s our mission. That’s why we do what we do.  

We are looking forward to what’s next and incredibly thankful to be sharing this journey with an amazing team at Practus. 

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