For whom the Nasdaq bell tolls – Practus client Themes

FEB 27, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

For whom the Nasdaq bell tolls – Practus client Themes

Authored by Valerie Spengler

Big day for Themes ETF Trust

(New York City, NY, February 22, 2024) Bells were ringing for Practus client Themes Management Company, LLC on Wednesday. Themes celebrated the launch of its new Themes ETF Trust by ringing the closing bell on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Robert Elwood and his team Karen Aspinall, Tina Bloom, Robert Moreiro, Raymond Holst, Richard Pasquier, Wade Bridge and Janet Hallahan served as counsel in creating the Trust and launching the funds.   

Themes, with the help of the Practus team, launched the Trust with 22 ETFs in November of 2023. Elwood says the launch of Themes ETF Trust is a testament to the power of enduring relationships.

 “We couldn’t be more excited for our client and we are honored to have helped Themes launch these funds. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Themes team and the many new products on the horizon.”     

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