Tiffany Christianson

Tiffany Christianson

Phoenix, AZ


Tiffany’s areas of expertise center around business transactions and corporate counsel work. She prioritizes client understanding and developed a software that enables clients to follow the interrelationship between their documents and their business. She champions and values the intellect, hard work and grit of her business owner clients. 

  • Represent business owners in sales and private equity transactions, including those involving extensive licensing and operational elements.
  • Private placement investment analysis and negotiation of terms;
  • Business to business contractual relationships (negotiation and drafting);
  • Working with CEOs and shareholders to determine strategic approaches to growth, resolution of disputes, and minimization of liability.
  • Negotiation of multi-party pre-litigation settlements and resolutions;
  • Drafting internal governance documents for corporations and limited liability companies;
  • Preparation and review of loan documents; and
  • General Counsel work including ongoing strategy development, problem-solving, negotiation with third parties, and document drafting.


Business Sales – Represented founders in exit sales to larger companies including REI, HomeServe, and D&H.

Transaction Management and Negotiation – Drafted, negotiated and managed relationships for countless B2B contractual arrangements, ranging from straightforward to complicated multi-party, multi-document arrangements.

General Counsel – Represent companies as outsourced general counsel, providing guidance on a wide range of decisions and situations, including preparation for private equity transactions, business contracts, and resolution of problematic situations to prevent escalation.


One of two clerks for the eight Travis County District Court Judges.


At Practus, we handle complex and challenging legal matters. I look forward to talking to you about how we can best meet your goals.

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