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Authored by Tiffany Christianson

1. Describe your client base and services:

My specialties are Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions and general counsel work.  My clients are businesspeople and investors. I negotiate and guide clients as to contracts and strategies that concern their businesses and transactions. The less tangible piece is that I consciously look for ways to make my clients’ use of my work frictionless. In other words, if I can remove what I know will be a frustrating layer for them, I do it.

2. So, you really are a smooth operator. Tell us about your legal career journey.  How did you get here?

Any prosperous society has a legal system. I find the cause and effect of laws and (business) customs fascinating, and it is intellectually satisfying to play a part in my clients’ success.  But just like any other attorney, at the root of it, I’m a masochist.

3. Lawyer = masochist, got it. What about the Practus model serves you as a legal professional, and as a person?

I have a very full personal life along with my very full professional life. That busy operation only works if I have autonomy coupled with support. 

4. What is one thing you wish people about to hire a lawyer with your expertise knew? 

The people I work with are generally savvy.  The thing I wish more business owners understood is the importance of keeping good books – if you run a great business with poorly maintained books, you will never sell. 

5. Which lawyer depicted by Hollywood do you most relate to?  Atticus Finch? Elle Woods? Harvey Specter? Who is your Hollywood alter ego?

I can identify with Elle Woods in several ways. But my Hollywood alter ego would, hands down, be Keri Russell’s character, Kate Wyler, in The Diplomat. She is not an attorney by trade, but the way she negotiates is pure gold.

6. What would people be most surprised to know about you? 

I see the most surprise register on friends’ faces when they find out that I sing. 

We know we said six, but now we have to know. What’s your go to karaoke jam?

That would be “Walk Me Home” by P!nk

Rock on …

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