Six Minutes with… ELLIOT BELILOS

FEB 29, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

Six Minutes with… ELLIOT BELILOS

Authored by Elliot Belilos

1. How do you define your practice and areas of experience:

The practice merges science with law, helping companies improve consumer product and worker safety, Including CPSC, FDA, EPA and OSHA issues.  My clients represent a diverse range of consumer product companies, including housewares, toys, sporting goods, furniture, apparel, and cleaning products. I help manage and minimize risk in their products and packaging, evaluating consumer product safety issues before products go to market, and managing crises if issues are identified after the products are in distribution.  We also help companies registering pesticide products with EPA and help others modify their packaging to avoid the need for registration.

We’re guessing you cannot help but read labels on everything.

Label me a label reader.

2. Tell us about your legal career journey.  How did you get to Practus?

I received my undergraduate degree from Cornell University and my law degree from George Washington University. I began a career as an employment law litigator, but soon shifted my practice to more regulatory work, developing an expertise in consumer product safety, environmental and OSHA law.  I’ve been in private practice for more than 30 years

3. What about the Practus model serves you as a legal professional, and as a person?

Practus allows me the flexibility to serve a wider variety of clients and to better tailor my services to the client’s needs.  In the three years since I joined Practus, I have been immensely impressed with the quality of legal work my partners offer, allowing me to expand the types of work we do for my clients.

4. What is keeping you busy when you’re not working?

My chocolate labrador Maxine gets me up in the morning. I start my day with a run or walk that helps me begin my workday with a fresh mind. I coach and play baseball.   I have coached kids of all ages for more than 20 years, currently coaching in the 14 to 16-year-old age range.  I also play every weekend with friends in a Senior baseball league.

Now we have to know, what position do you play?

First or second base.

And your most surprising diamond move?

 I can still steal bases.

5. Do we even have to ask what you’d do if you weren’t an attorney?

I would be coaching kids full-time.

6. Beach or mountains?  

Neither, I would choose a baseball diamond.

We figured.

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