Practus Bakes! Celebrating 6 years of Sweet Success

JUN 25, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

Practus Bakes! Celebrating 6 years of Sweet Success

Authored by Tracey Watson

Pies are candy, Google it

How do you celebrate six years of sweet success? If you’re Practus, LLP you bake. May 2024 marked Practus’ six-year anniversary, which according to years of precedent is the “candy” anniversary. Our legal team found that “candy” can be defined as something sweet which includes pies and various other baked goods. Just like tacos are legally sandwiches in Indiana, pies are candyish at Practus. Thus, the 6-Year Anniversary Practus  Pie-Looza was on!

The firm that bakes together stays together

First came the swag! Everyone received a box containing a Practus VI Anniversary tee, apron, rolling pin, spatulas, and the recipe for Bourbon Pecan Pie. On May 29, Practus turned up the heat (of their ovens). Chef Angela (from @CulinaryKisses) led the team (via Zoom) through every step, from making the homemade crust and filling to adding the pecans on top. Some participants went rogue and whipped up their own pie specialties – also delicious – and rumor has it at least one under-achiever just sliced and baked cookie dough. But all the creations were sweet and a tasty reminder that Practus LLP is cooking in all the best ways.

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