The complex world of real estate investments and transactions has created numerous disputes and litigation, involving buyers and sellers, real estate brokers, adjoining property owners, landlords and tenants, etc. We have represented individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other entities in virtually every type of real estate dispute. This broad range of experience in various projects includes representing real estate clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts, as well as in alternative dispute resolution matters.


Our Expertise Includes:

  • Commission Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Easement Disputes
  • Other Disputes with Neighboring Property Owners
  • Misrepresentations and Failures to Disclose Material Facts and Property Conditions in Sales Transactions
  • Breaches of Purchase and Sales Contracts
  • Disputes With Title Insurers
  • Eminent Domain
  • Breaches of Lease
  • Disputes With Homeowners Associations

Real Estate Litigation Attorneys:

Steve Young

Steven E. Young

Steve Young
Steven E. Young


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Los Angeles, CA
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