Fashion Law

Fashion Law addresses the legal issues faced by designers, brands, high profile figures, and professionals in the fashion industry. From production to retail, this sector covers all the juridical aspects of design, production, marketing, licensing, advertising, and sale of garments.

Complex issues such as intellectual property protection and cross-border transactions can make this a difficult field to navigate. The Fashion Industry comes with unique challenges and partnering with a lawyer specializing in fashion is crucial to building your brand.

We represent fashion designers, fashion models, influencers, and other actors present in the fashion industry.


We Work With Our Clients Regarding:

  • Trademarks and Comprehensive IP Portfolios
  • Design Patents
  • Licensing
  • Right of Publicity
  • Celebrity/Model/Influencer contracts
  • Startup Legal Challenges

Fashion Law Attorneys:

bogdan enica

Bogdan Enica

bogdan enica
Bogdan Enica


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