Stop the clock! Brad Hill’s game-changer of a deal

JAN 23, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

Stop the clock! Brad Hill’s game-changer of a deal

Authored by Valerie Spengler

You’ve seen it even if you’ve never heard of it

(Raleigh, NC) Practus attorney, Brad Hill just oversaw an acquisition that could impact college sports, the pros and beyond. Hill shepherded his client Right Time Sports’ purchase of Precision Time Systems. Those names may not mean anything, but you’ve probably seen the technology in action. Precision Times’ system integrates with game clocks and scoreboards, automatically stopping and starting game and shot clocks when referee whistles blow.

One less thing to get mad at refs about

According to Hill, “ It takes the human delay out of stopping the clocks. As a major college basketball fan here on Tobacco Road (Go Heels!), it was a cool deal to get across the finish line.

Adapting for other sports

Game’s not over yet. Right Time is eyeing adapting the tech for other sports and uses such as hockey, football and even baseball.

Brad is a business attorney and former startup executive with extensive litigation experience who is well versed in helping his clients manage the entire business cycle from formation to exit. He advises his clients on securing capital startup capital investments, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment issues, and tax strategies.

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