Practus, LLP & Auxana Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

JUN 09, 2021 | PRACTUS LLP

Practus, LLP & Auxana Inc. Form Strategic Partnership

Authored by Valerie Spengler, John H. Lively

Virtual Law Firm Practus, LLP and Auxana Form A Strategic Partnership

The partners aim to change the way traditional legal services are provided and how growing companies consume them.

June 9, 2021 — John Lively, founder and Managing Partner at Practus, LLP, an enterprising virtual law firm, and Beth Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Auxana Inc., an innovative digital marketplace for business legal services, finalized their partnership with the acquisition of Auxana by an affiliate of Practus in early May. Lebowitz will join Practus as a limited partner. She will continue to build the marketplace that has been successfully engaging entrepreneurial attorneys and growing companies for over a year, as well as lead the development and growth of an Outsourced General Counsel (OGC) practice area within the firm. 

Practus, LLP, a firm with over 30 partner attorneys practicing across 10 different specialty areas, is projected to double in size in the next 6 months. Founded with a mission to maximize the value of high-level legal services to clients, Practus utilizes technology to streamline communications between attorneys and clients, create smart, collaborative workflow efficiencies and provide transparent economics that include flexible fee arrangements. As clients increasingly value quality legal services over fancy buildings with marble foyers and pricey office furniture, Practus has redefined the traditional law firm model and has been growing as a virtual firm with a vibrant work culture where attorneys thrive. 

Prior to Auxana, as a founder of law firm Nimbus Legal and full-time OGC herself, Lebowitz has built her practice focusing on flat-fee, subscription-based legal services. This model provided her clients with the benefit of having an “in-house” attorney early in their business lifecycles. In building her practice, Lebowitz recognized an ever-growing demand in legal services for early-stage growing companies involving factionalized C-level legal officers and alternative fee arrangements. With the Auxana platform, her goal is to provide resources, materials, training sessions and marketing efforts to other solo practitioners and small law firms, helping them create recurring revenue streams by connecting attorneys with growing and emerging companies. 

“Auxana and Practus align on core values of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and independence, while providing attorneys with the tools to make them successful in today’s virtual marketplace. The result for the end client is counsel that eschews one-size-fits-all approach and works smarter to provide powerful strategic guidance,” said Beth Lebowitz. “By joining forces, our two firms can accelerate the growth of the OGC practice area at the law firm and our collaborative community, while continuing our mission of growing the OGC and flat-fee subscription billing practice models. Together, Practus and Auxana can provide strategic alternatives that fit your practice goals.” 

“Creating a sense of community where our attorneys can work, prosper, connect and thrive has always been particularly important to us,” said John Lively. That’s why we’re excited about the possibilities our partnership with Auxana will bring to expand the breadth of services we can offer.

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About Practus:   

Practus, LLP is a virtual law firm that is disrupting the outdated ways of practicing law. The firm leverage mobile technology, cloud-based solutions, and agile infrastructure to deliver legal services where both clients and attorneys benefit. If you are interested in joining Practus as an attorney, please visit to learn more.  

About Auxana Inc: 

Auxana Inc. provides entrepreneurial solo and small-firm attorneys with the marketing, tools and support to build a successful outsourced General Counsel Practice. Through the innovative two-sided marketplace, startup and growth-stage companies can research and engage counsel at an earlier stage, benefitting from predictable, scalable legal solutions. Learn more or register today at 

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