Lawyer Career Change | 5 Reasons to Leave Your Law Firm in 2022

DEC 13, 2021 | PRACTUS LLP

Lawyer Career Change | 5 Reasons to Leave Your Law Firm in 2022

Authored by Stephanie Recupero

It’s that time of year again… time for reflection and looking back on your year to help shape what you want to do differently this next trip around the sun. Over 55% of Americans are planning to get a new job in the new year, and it’s not so different in the legal community. A career change for lawyers doesn’t mean leaving law altogether. For you, it could mean changing the trajectory of your legal career by leaving your firm and embracing your entrepreneurial side as a virtual lawyer with Practus.

Here are 5 reasons to leave your law firm in 2022

1. You’re locked down by your firm

While some have a fear of change, you fear the lack of change. Your firm isn’t giving you room to grow and develop how you practice law over time. That could mean you’re limited to practicing in an area you’re not passionate about, your working hours are dictated for you, you don’t have the freedom to choose your cases, or you’re stuck with one type of fee arrangement for all your clients.

We trust that you know how to best serve your clients, and we value your expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. At this stage in your career, you’re ready to choose your own schedule, focus on the cases that you want to take on, and determine which fee arrangements work best for your clients. When you join Practus, you’ll have the autonomy to make these decisions.

2. You’ve realized you don’t need an office to work at your best

Virtual work is the norm: 51% of all knowledge-based employees work remotely in 2021 compared to 27% in 2019. Maybe your current firm is one that has yet to adapt to this massive shift. It could be because they didn’t have the technological infrastructure. Maybe they adhere to the old-school mindset that the over-the-top traditional offices are the best way to impress clients. 

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Practus started as a virtual law firm, which gave us the opportunity to further develop our back-office team over the last 2 years, giving our attorneys and their clients an even more efficient and optimized virtual workflow. We know that it’s our attorneys’ experiences and skills that impress clients, not fancy offices. In reality, clients are more used to this virtual world than ever before, and many prefer a virtual attorney over making the schlep to a brick-and-mortar office. Plus, the benefit of not having pass-through costs of that marble foyer built into their legal bills will be felt by both the attorney and their clients.

At Practus, you won’t miss out on breakfast with your family, you’ll save time by never having a commute again, and you’ll work on your schedule – when and wherever works best for you. Best of all, you’ll know you’re supported by best-of-breed software and a dedicated back office team to make sure everything runs smoothly as a virtual lawyer.

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3. You’re sick of bureaucracy and politics at your firm

Whether it’s the levels of approvals to get anything done, the walking on eggshells around certain firm members, or the never-ending gossip that you just don’t want to be part of, the bureaucracy isn’t for you anymore. You are ready to be part of a united team (without layers of hierarchy) that focuses on practicing law and representing clients instead of playing games.

We transform bureaucracy into you-ocracy at Practus. You join as a partner from the start, and you control your income and who you work with. But, you’re not alone. Many of our attorneys in similar practice areas choose to share legal assistants, paralegals, and associates. But the key is… it’s your choice. You can bring your staff with you to Practus, be solo, or get new staff. Partners can set their rates as they see fit at Practus. Alternative Fee Arrangements are welcomed, and conflicts are cleared within days.

4. You’re controlled by minimum requirements

No more minimum billable hours. No more minimum office hours. No more minimum anythings. Let us repeat it for those in the back…. NO MORE MINIMUM BILLABLE HOURS.

It’s the end of the year. You’re stressed about entering your billables right in the middle of the holidays. The uncertainty of your bonus makes you question if it’s even worth it. But at the same time, this is when you’re supposed to be enjoying your loved ones and making new memories while embracing the traditions that bring back the old ones. It’s hard to do that with this unnecessary end-of-year stress from your firm.

Why not start the new year knowing next year will be different? 

Know that you set your fee arrangements, so you know exactly what to expect at the end of the year. By not having arbitrary minimum requirements, you can plan to enjoy the holiday season on your own terms. We take care of firm marketing, billing, and IT so you can focus on practicing law and actually enjoying the life you’ve worked to build.

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5. You know there’s a more efficient way to practice with less overhead

Alright, we know it’s not just about culture and flexibility – the money does matter. One of the biggest reasons you’re not making more is overhead costs. If you’re a solo practitioner, that could be the overhead cost of an office + the software and office staff you hire out to keep your practice running. If you’re in big law, guess what? That fancy office is coming out of your earnings. 

At Practus, you can work fewer hours and make more money. It’s because we’ve streamlined the process (and expenses) to pass more of your earnings back to you. Your 20% partnership fee covers back office accounting, billing & invoicing, practice management & firm software, insurance, firm marketing, and a non-legal team dedicated to making Practus the firm that it is today.  You’re in control of your income at Practus, not the other way around.

Collaboration, culture, and communication are at the heart of Practus. Leaving your firm and joining one that embraces what you enjoy about the practice of law while giving you the flexibility and freedom you need results in a happier, more successful you. If this sounds like the firm you’ve been looking for, learn more here or contact me at

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