One murder, several suspects, and countless laughs

JAN 25, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

One murder, several suspects, and countless laughs

Authored by Tracey Watson

An event made for lawyers

The Practus team gathered virtually for the holidays in December and it was murder – in a good way. Attorneys and staff became detectives for the night at Practus Murder Mystery Holiday Who-Dunnit. A British company presented a mysterious death at Candy Cane Lane and all the clues. Actors played several suspects. Participants broke out into small teams, studied evidence, and were given time to question everyone.

Careful what you ask for…

When they said, “question the suspects”, we’re pretty sure the actors didn’t expect attorney Pat Clendenen, dressed for court, to interrogate and cross-examine them like something out of Perry Mason. But what do you expect from litigators?  Of the three teams on the case, only one guessed correctly. And if you guessed Pat Clendenen’s team, you’re right.

Verdicts are final

The other teams made compelling cases for other suspects, but verdicts are final in Candy Cane Lane. Solving a murder turned out to be a fantastic way to bond with colleagues and show off some mad lawyer skills outside the hectic pace of the workday.

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