High Five Newsletter 11/16

NOV 21, 2023 | PRACTUS LLP

High Five Newsletter 11/16

Authored by Carol Rose

1. Noisy Proctors don’t = damages for bar exam taker

A Delaware law school grad lost her first case. She took the bar exam during the height of COVID in 2021 and claimed noisy proctors and software crashes reduced her approved accommodations – private room and double time –  making it a downright uncivil procedure. One proctor typed clicky clacky on their laptop. Another coughed. It was allergies not COVID, but still.  Another texted. OMG. She failed the exam, but the state supreme court ruled that didn’t entitle her to damages. However, because of the software crashes and lack of scratch paper, she can take it again free of charge. Pro tip: Go over torts again.

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2. Tesla flips on Cybertruck. Won’t sue

Days ahead of Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck, would-be customers were already feeling sticker shock ahead of a posted sticker price. The vehicle’s order agreement warned customers not to sell their electric pickup for at least a year or Tesla would sue them for $50K.  Some experts say Tesla was trying to prevent customers – 75K have reservations – from flipping the stainless steel, bulletproof, apocalyptic-ready trucks to others on the waiting list. It may take years to fulfill orders. Thriving resales could dim new sales at a time EV purchases and Tesla’s valuation have shrunk. But don’t tell Tesla to truck off just yet. As word of the clause-with-claws spread, Tesla quietly removed it

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3. Tech bro’s wedding trashes natural landmark

A prominent Silicon Valley investor’s wedding to the head of an AI startup near Moab, Utah, has locals saying “I do – not ever want a wedding here again.” They say the bride and groom trashed the world-renowned rock formation’s base, leaving behind litter, squished vegetation and broken glass. It has them feeling like something borrowed, something blue. When the couple got the Bureau of Land Management’s permission to hold a small wedding, they apparently didn’t mention the 24-foot cabana, generator, port-a-potties, catering services, tables and chairs, and glass candles lining the road. City council members are speaking rather than forever holding their peace asking the BLM to ban weddings. 

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4. Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial: The musical

In the vein of those legal drama classics, “Inherit the Wind,” “Caine Mutiny,” and others, comes “Gwyneth Goes Skiing.” It depicts the actress’ skiing trial earlier this year. An optometrist sued Paltrow for more than $3M after colliding with her on Utah ski slopes in 2016. The one angry man claimed Paltrow hit him giving him a concussion and four broken ribs. The televised trial went viral, with Gwyneth famously testifying “you skied directly into my effing back” and “I lost a day of skiing.” Ultimately, the Oscar-winner and Goop founder triumphed in court. But don’t take our word for it. “Gwyneth Goes Skiing” debuts in London next month.

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5. Not funny: Ottawa’s tired of Ottayawn rap

Canada’s capital, Ottawa, has had it with being called boring or “the city that fun forgot.” Its chain restaurants, lack of transit, and early closing hours be damned. Leaders say it’s aboat time they take Ottawa’s fun more seriously, eh? They want to hire a night mayor to infuse the city’s nightlife with a civic dose of Timmies.  Although one of Canada’s biggest cities, Ottawa ranks near the bottom for nightlife-businesses and spending. Its dullsville label has inspired documentaries and comedians for decades. O Canada. Locals welcome the effort but say the idea that Ottawa’s bureaucrats can show people how to party? They’d give their last loonie to see that happen

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