High Five Newsletter 7/4

JUL 04, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

High Five Newsletter 7/4

Authored by Carol Rose

Legal news, some illegal. All of it interesting

1. Hot Dog Injury Lawsuit Puts KC Royals in Pickle 

Injury by flying hotdog is the wurst, just ask a Kansas City Royal fan. Sluggerrr the mascot launched hotdogs from an air gun into the stands during a 2009 game. A meat missile hit the man in the eye, detaching his retina. He sued the Royals and Sluggerrr for negligence. The Royals argued that being struck by a hot dog was an inherent risk of attending baseball games, and the jury agreed, declaring them Oscar Mayer winners. But the hot, dogged plaintiff appealed to Missouri’s Supreme Court. It ruled the Royals were not safe from negligence claims and remanded the case. Don’t you just relish a good baseball story?

Buns intended

2. Red White and Huge Sparks Flag Fight  

Oh, say can you see the giant American flag flying o’er an RV dealership in North Carolina? We’re betting you can because it’s 40 by 80 feet. The massive banner sparked a perilous fight between the RV dealership and the city. Its broad stripes and bright stars violated a municipal size ordinance. Each day the banner yet waved, officials fined him $50 until he owed over $10K. But social media’s red glare, people commenting on air, brought peace. RV paid the fines and the city amended the ordinance so that star spangled banner does yet wave o’er the land of the RVs and camper homes of the brave.

Proof the flag is still there…

3. BBQ Sauce Mishap Sparks $20M Foodgod Lawsuit  

Kim Kardashian’s bestie Jonathan Cheban, legal name Foodgod, is suing a Korean barbeque sauce company for $20M. The social media influencer and entrepreneur claims a bottle of San-J’s barbeque sauce exploded when he took it out of the fridge, cutting his hand.At $20M, that’s almost $5M a stitch. But Cheban says the injury not only made it hard for him to keep up with the Kardashians but he couldn’t use his hand in social media posts and advertisements. In fact, he had to get therapy to change the way he handles things during videos. Talk about needing selfie help. Foodgod is also suing the market where he purchased the sauce and the jar maker.  

Hand sum shake down here… 

4. Fireworks From Yacht Start Wildfire 

Despite an extreme fire risk warning and burn ban in effect for central Greece, authorities say the crew of a luxury yacht lit off a bunch of fireworks from the deck. And, wait for it … a wildfire started on the island of Hydra, charring 3K acres overnight. Police arrested 13 crewmembers on the 175-foot yacht. They’re facing arson charges and up to 20 years in prison if convicted. But the seven passengers who chartered the boat sailed off into the sunset – which was really orange – cuz fire. Investigators say the charter guests appear to be business pals with Kazakhstan’s former president and include the head of the country’s largest bank.

Money sails here…

5. Bald Eagle Feather Dust U

The black market for eagle feathers is apparently soaring. But don’t get too excited to collect the pricey plumes, including those you may find on a hike.  Buying, selling, or having bald and golden eagle feathers violates federal law. yet. Only members of federally recognized Native American tribes are allowed to have eagle parts for religious purposes. They can’t even give eagle feathers to friends who are not Native American. So where do they get their feathers? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a National Eagle Repository that collects dead symbols of our nation to feather the nest of enrolled tribe members. Feds are serious about enforcement. An Arizona man got five years probation for selling 12 bald eagle feathers.

One a wing and a crime here…

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