The 2021 Guide to Practicing Law Virtually

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Is This The Year You Pivot Your Career To A Solo Law Practice?

The legal marketplace is shifting and COVID-19 is having a lasting impact on all client services, our legal world included. Many attorneys are considering the tradeoffs of leaving a Biglaw firm to serve clients from their own firm or to join a virtual law practice.  

Here at Practus, an established and growing virtual law firm, we’ve developed a guide for looking ahead before making the leap.

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The changing law services marketplace is shining a light on the advantages of bringing your book of business to a nimble and flexible law firm.     

  1. Working from home – or working remotely – is here to stay.  
  2. Having a home office that can fully function in place of the central office is here to stay.
  3. Secure technology enables communication, synchronous & asynchronous collaboration, and seamless administration.


Practus has been hitting the virtual law drumbeat for two years now. And we’re growing at a steady clip. The evolution has favored our firm. Our approach is all about…

  • Maximizing technology to serve our clients.   
  • Surrounding partners with the right kinds of support services so they can focus on serving clients and practicing law.   
  • Fostering a culture of teamwork, support, connectivity
  • Bringing joy back to the practice of law.

“It’s not the biggest firms or most established attorneys who will survive. The attorneys and firms who are most capable of adapting, will become the next dominant species in the legal market.”

—Frederick Shelton, Attorney At Law Magazine



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