What Is Fashion Law

FEB 15, 2021 | PRACTUS LLP

What Is Fashion Law

Authored by Bogdan Enica

Fashion Law & The Fashion Industry

Fashion Law addresses the legal issues typically faced by designers and fashion brands. It incorporates relevant concepts, from intellectual property protection and right of publicity to cross-border transactions and national compliance, to licensing and corporate responsibility.

The Fashion Industry comes with specific challenges requiring specialized legal knowledge. From production to retail, fashion law covers all the specialized aspects of design, production, marketing, licensing, advertising, and sale of garments and related products.

The Fashion Industry is a fragmented global value chain that includes fashion designers, textile and leather producers, apparel and accessories manufacturers, branded marketers and retailers. Typically the industry players are located in different parts of the world, creating a worldwide chain in a global industry.

Women apparel is the largest segment of the market, accounting roughly for half of industry sales. Other segments include: men’s and children’s apparel, shoes and accessories, beauty, lingerie and swimwear. Fashion law works across the markets and across the borders and operates at the intersection of fashion and law.

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