Visionary Law Firm, Practus Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

MAY 16, 2019 | PRACTUS LLP

Visionary Law Firm, Practus Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Authored by Stephanie Recupero

Practus is a law firm with a new perspective, emphasizing flexibility and autonomy for a great work-life balance for attorneys.

  • Practus believes there is a better way to practice law by fostering an environment where people can live the lives that they love, while still loving the work they do.
  • In just one year, Practus has grown its staff by 25%, expanded into two new states and increased its client base by more than 50%.  
  • Lawyers who thrive at Practus are independent, motivated, and visionary individuals from a variety of practice areas and specialties. Practus is constantly expanding their services to represent all aspects of the law.

Rather than long commutes, sleepless nights, and attending meetings just to show face, imagine practicing law more simply, more productively. Believe it or not, the right law practice can be the solution to the best balance between work and life.

A New Kind of Law Firm

As a new kind of law firm, Practus is revolutionizing the way attorneys practice law. Their ultimate goal is to replace the daily grind of commutes, workplace politics, and the constant pressure of billable target hours with a manageable work-life balance. Practus promotes happiness, nurtures passion, and fosters an incomparable working culture through strong back office support and innovative, cloud-based technology.  

“I first envisioned Practus while I was in the big law firm environment—I realized that it wasn’t going to work for the long term. I was working long hours, commuting nearly two hours a day, and working a lot of weekends. Plus worrying about the typical office politics, hitting my realization ratios, and meeting my billable hours was wearing on me. It just wasn’t what I wanted for my family and I needed a different solution. That’s when I started reaching out to some former colleagues about “the concept” of Practus and how we could create a better work-life balance for people who were in the same situation.” John Lively, Managing Partner

What Sets Us Apart?

Ultimately, the thing that sets Practus apart is their goals: Happier attorneys and better service for their clients. In order to accomplish those goals, they provide lawyers with the resources to be more agile and responsive in their client relationships. Practus’s growth model alone has proven that the switch from traditional law firm to an independent, virtual environment works. In the last year they’ve expanded into two new states (California and Indiana), added 25% more attorneys and staff, and have increased their client base by more than 50%. By minimizing overhead, providing flexible billing requirements, sharing expenses, offering cloud-based solutions, and eliminating the office politics of many traditional law firms, Practus streamlines the process, allowing for the most efficient and highest quality legal services.

“Our goal is to make sure that clients benefit from our structure. We have happy attorneys which ultimately leads to a better experience for their clients and better service altogether. Plus, with the flexible fee arrangements, clients can choose billing options that best suit them.” – John Lively, Managing Partner

practus team

Our Goal

Continued expansion is Practus’ goal. The Practus business model works for all types of attorneys, across a variety of disciplines. Currently, the firm’s practice areas include Financial Services, Litigation, Investment Management, Tax, Corporate, Trusts & Estates, and Employment Law, but it is looking to expand to other areas.

Practus believes every lawyer, regardless of the practice area they specialize in, deserves the ideal work-life balance, especially after experiencing the pressures of a traditional law firm. The cloud-based technology concept breaks down the traditional barriers of geography, allowing lawyers to be more responsive, more efficient, and more flexible, therefore providing the best services to their clients.

“At Practus, we have no expectations about billable hours. You don’t have to fill out timesheets in general. You can work independently from wherever you want. You can structure your business to a scale that works for you and your family. You’ll have the freedom to create the best work-life balance to meet your needs.” – Robert Elwood, Partner & COO

About Practus

Practus is an innovative law firm that is transforming the outdated ways of practicing law. By leveraging mobile technology, cloud-based solutions, and an agile delivery of legal services, Practus has pioneered a visionary approach to how attorneys practice law. By evolving the traditional law firm model, Practus helps their clients reach their goals while their attorneys live happier, more productive work lives. Contact us to learn more.

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