Independence – Part 3 of the Practus Recipe for Success

MAY 19, 2023 | PRACTUS LLP

Independence – Part 3 of the Practus Recipe for Success

Authored by Stephanie Recupero

I speak to attorneys every single day – attorneys that have worked hard to establish their careers and build a solid reputation within the legal industry. After years of honing in on their craft and learning how to grow their book of business, they expect to have more autonomy over how they practice law… but the traditional law firm model doesn’t really offer the level of independence lawyers with an entrepreneurial mindset need. 

This backstory applies to nearly every attorney at Practus, which makes sense because our whole intent for launching a virtual law firm was to create a platform that gave attorneys the independence they want with the infrastructure and support of an established firm.  

Now, five years after the initial launch, I can confirm the independence we offer attorneys is a key ingredient in our Practus Recipe for Success. This independence brings talent from across the country to our firm. The autonomy they gain coupled with the collaborative culture and technology is why they stay. 

That being said, working at a virtual law firm isn’t for everyone. For part 3 of our anniversary blog series, we’re taking a deeper look at what independence means at Practus. Where you work, who would be a good fit, and what to expect. 

Autonomy over where and when you practice law

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Practus gives attorneys independence that can only be found at a virtual law firm because lawyers have the full freedom to choose where and when they work. 

Practus is backed by cloud-based software systems, so you can securely access your entire legal practice on any device that has an internet connection. This access means you can work from anywhere at any time that’s best for you. It opens up the possibilities for living wherever you want, creating a schedule that aligns with your most productive hours, and spending more quality time doing what you love outside of your legal practice. 

The ability to work when and where you want requires a deep understanding of your legal practice and your clients. You know best when you need to be in communication with your clients. You know best when you need to set aside time for focused work. And, you know best when you need a break or need to dedicate more time with the people you love. 

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Control over client matters

It’s rare to find two lawyers that enjoy working on the exact same legal issues with the exact same type of client. Each attorney’s practice is unique to them, which is why it’s liberating when a lawyer gets full control over the clients and types of legal issues they choose to represent. 

Not only do you get to choose your clients as a Practus partner, you also have a network of talented attorneys across 24 practice areas you can work with when a client has a complex or multifaceted legal issue. This collaboration makes working independently even easier because you start with a referral network to support you from the first day at Practus. 

Flexible Fee Arrangements 

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We understand that every client’s legal needs are unique, which is why we give attorneys the independence to choose flexible fee arrangements that are tailored to each client’s specific requirements. This is really a win-win for both clients and attorneys. Flexible fee arrangements allow for a more predictable and manageable budget, providing greater transparency and control over legal costs (a win for the client). At the same time, our attorneys have the ability to offer customized fee structures that align with their clients’ goals, improving the attorney-client relationship and giving attorneys more predictability over their income. 

Most importantly… autonomy over the type of fee arrangements results in no minimum billable hours. That’s right: No. Billable. Hours.

How Practus partners bill their clients and what they decide to charge is completely up to them. That being said, our firm still offers invoicing support so that attorneys can focus on practicing law instead of feeling the need to chase down clients for money. So, while they have the independence to bill in a way that makes the most sense for their clients, they aren’t isolated without support

This support is just one example of how Practus offers a unique opportunity for attorneys to maintain their independence while also benefiting from the resources of a larger firm. 

You might be reading this and think, “Why wouldn’t people choose the virtual law firm model?” 

The reality is it’s not for everyone. People at Practus need to have excellent time management, communication skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Our firm is really for people who have an existing book of business that want to take home a higher percentage of the income they originate. Yet, they also want the culture, support, and collaboration that they can’t get when going solo. Our attorneys have autonomy, but they aren’t operating in silos. This balance of independence and support is a big piece of the Practus Recipe for Success. 

For 5 years, we’ve focused on providing high-quality legal services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our attorneys have the ability to develop their own practice areas and build their reputation within the legal industry. I’ve met some amazing people throughout my time at Practus, making this 5-year milestone even more meaningful. I’m eager to meet more talented attorneys as we build upon this foundation over the next 5 years.

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