High Five Newsletter 1/4

JAN 04, 2024 | PRACTUS LLP

High Five Newsletter 1/4

Authored by Carol Rose

Legal news, some illegal. All of it interesting

1. Blank-faced Reese’s PB cups Skors lawsuit

A Florida woman’s in Reese’s pieces over Hershey’s pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups. She’s suing Hershey for at least $5M because the packaging allegedly tricked instead of treated her. The woman claims she bought the candy because of the “cute looking” jack-o-lantern faces shown on the package, only to find faceless masses in the bag. Talk about a Milk Dud. She seeks damages on behalf of everyone in the Sunshine State whose day turned Special Dark because of the blank faces on Reese’s pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and more. Consumers who bought Reese’s footballs only to find no laces – feel seen. She fights for you too.

No Hershey’s kisses here…

2. Nightmare in dentalchair, 8 crown drill down

Here’s one that’ll make you think twice before dipping into the candy bowl. In Minnesota, a woman’s suing her dentist for performing more than 30 procedures on her in one appointment – eight crowns, four root canals and 20 fillings. Her expert witness says the diagnosis – decay on virtually every one of her teeth – was correct but trying to fill every hole in every tooth in her mouth in one visit – Medieval Torture Dentistry called and wants its MO back. She also accuses the dentist of administering anesthesia far beyond safe levels and of doing negligent work. In response to the lawsuit, the dentist is keeping his mouth shut. So are we.

No cavities here…

3. Aussie teen schools “Air Jordan” buyer for $30K

Not a g’day Down Under for a real estate agent trying to get a $30K refund on suspected counterfeit sneakers. He bought several pairs of limited-edition Air Jordans from a 17-year-old but noticed defects and got a sneaker suspicion they were fakes – a fact verified by an authenticator. He also learned of the kid’s fraudster reputation. And there’s your problem, mate. The court ruled because the bloke was 17 – not an ankle biter, but not 18 – he couldn’t enter into contracts. It’s a bitter bikkie because he can’t sue Dad either – who caught on after disgruntled customers chased his son through a mall and threatened the mother at work.

Don’t get your kicks here…

4. Fans call foul on Fanatics and NFL in lawsuit

Sports apparel merch is a $4B business and retailer Fanatics rules the field when it comes to hawking NFL-licensed products online. Plaintiffs argue in a new class action that since the NFL purchased a stake in Fanatics in 2017, they’ve gone offsides, colluding to cut out other online retailers that often sell the licensed merch at lower prices. The lawsuit claims the league began excluding sites such as Amazon Marketplace from selling products, driving consumers away from competitors and keeping prices high. If this sounds like a replay, it’s because a strikingly similar suit was filed in 2022, also in Manhattan federal court, that was dismissed.

Lines of scrimmage here…

5. Mickey Mouse is in the house – of horrors

1928’s Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse sailed right into the public domain Monday and minutes later announcements and a trailer for horror movies featuring Disney’s most royal rodent appeared. It’s not like this hasn’t already been done. Who could forget “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey?” So, we can soon look forward to seeing the “unhinged terror” lurking beneath the surface in that captain of evil, Steamboat Willie. Also slated for release “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” which is set in an amusement arcade because of course it is. Producers say as Huey, Dewey and screwy as it may sound, the horror flicks are born out of their love for Mickey. K.

Anything for a Donald buck here…

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