For work-life balance,

Practus provides talented attorneys with a better career option. Break free from never-ending pressure to hit billable hour targets, office bureaucracy, and opaque compensation structures.

Join a law practice with a new perspective.



As attorneys who put in our time at leading firms, we now believe it's time to change the way we practice law. The days of being tied to a desk – where hours of work often count more than quality of work – are becoming a costly and inefficient formula.

Join a new generation of attorneys at Practus, who take control of their work and their lives!


Our law firm is founded on a balance between work and the rest of your life. Thanks to the efficiencies of technology, Practus gives you a more flexible work schedule, a choice of where you work, AND even more take-home pay. We reject minimum billable requirements, opaque compensation structures, and layers of bureaucracy. Our comprehensive and robust back office makes life easy for you. And, we foster the independence and autonomy you've been yearning for.



Work where you want,
when you want

Break free from billing targets & fee structures

Enjoy a better
work/life balance


At Practus, we get it. You want all the benefits of a traditional firm, but the freedom to chart your own course. You want the flexibility to work with your clients knowing that “one size fits all” isn’t always the right approach. You want to do what you do best – practice law – in a law firm that offers state-of-the-art technology and responsive back office support. When you join Practus, you’ll experience a different kind of law firm, where you are free to serve your clients in a way that’s best for you and for them. Enjoy a more balanced life and a more positive work experience.

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Accounting & Back Office Support

Let Practus take care of billing, receivables, and other critical back office support. Our staff can even help you with business and personal tax preparation and filing.

Technology & Support

Practus takes the worry and stress out of setting up and maintaining your technology systems by providing cloud-based document management, virtual communications, as well as the support of our technology staff and resources.

Retirement & Health Benefits

These benefits are important. That’s why we provide ways for you to enhance the current and future well-being of you and your family. We set up options for you to make the process hassle free.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

Practus gives you the flexibility to choose the way you bill your clients; something you won't find at a traditional law firm. Whether it's with fixed fees, success fees, alternative fees or contingency-based billing, it's up to you.


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