Revolutionizing the Traditional Law Firm

JUN 19, 2019 | PRACTUS LLP

Revolutionizing the Traditional Law Firm

Authored by Stephanie Recupero

With so many companies making the shift from the standard nine-to-five, in-office routines to a more flexible work from home schedule, it’s no wonder that the remote movement is spreading across different industries and embracing our growing global economy. But there are some markets that have been slower to catch up to our technology-fueled businesses. Traditional law firms are still more conservative in structure and method. But the notion that a brick and mortar location is necessary for a law firm to compete, survive, and thrive, is growing more and more outdated.

Traditional Law Firms are Changing

We’re in the midst of a Digital Revolution (what experts are also calling the Third Industrial Revolution), and it is having a profound effect on every aspect of how business is conducted across the globe. Traditional law firms are no exception. The pressure from clients to deliver better products with quicker results and to move away from confusing methods of billing is bringing change to the models set in place hundreds of years ago. Advances in technology and an ever-expanding global market have also created a demand for a switch from old systems to newer, more efficient methods.

The Work-Life Balance Struggle

Attorneys have the same need for work-life balance that today’s current workforce is seeking. But so far, very little has been done by law firms to address it. Between the expectations of billable hours, opaque compensation structures, and layers of bureaucracy, most lawyers feel like they are expected to fulfill these requirements in order to advance just the slightest step forward in their careers.

With no quotas for billable hours and no complicated hierarchy to navigate, Practus is fulfilling the demand for a simpler, happier, more efficient workplace. And this new law firm is also creating a compensation structure that benefits their clients and rewards their attorneys. With lower overhead and no billable hour requirements, each attorney takes home even more of the money that they’ve worked so hard for. Those alternative fee arrangements are also more transparent, which benefits both parties exponentially more than the traditionally structured law firm.

Practus: A New Kind of Law Firm

That’s where Practus, a new kind of law firm, is turning the traditional, daily grind on its head. Practus is founded on a balance between work and life outside of work. Not only is Practus embracing cloud-based technology that helps their attorneys be more efficient, they fully believe that working from a place that is comfortable and distraction-free maximizes each attorney’s productivity. Their “work from where you want, when you want” philosophy promotes mental and physical health, as well as the opportunity for their lawyers to spend quality time with their loved ones.

The practice of commuting to and from a physical workplace en-masse began with the Industrial Revolution, but technology now provides the ability and the efficiency to work from the comfort of your own home. But working from home, especially with Practus, doesn’t turn each lawyer into an isolated island. The same technology that allows them to work independently also promotes a strong sense of connectivity and teamwork, where lawyers are collaborating regularly with each other to bring the best thinking and solutions to every client. Practus is rewriting the model of the traditional law firm structure because without the long commute and exhausting hours, both the attorney and the client benefit in invaluable ways.

Practus is Paving the Way

Through flexibility and freedom, rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Practus is paving the way for a better law firm that provides state-of-the-art technology and efficient, responsive support, both for clients and attorneys. A strong work-life balance is the ultimate goal for every Practus team member, and when you join Practus, you’ll experience a better law firm that helps you spend time doing what you love, while also serving your clients in the best way possible. Join Practus today and discover the right balance for your life.

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