The Practus Insurance group specializes in advising life and health insurers, their distributors, and other entities partnering with life insurers such as investment managers and reinsurers on state insurance law and regulation issues affecting product development, financial regulation, purchase and sale of blocks of business and distribution management, compliance and supervision issues.

Our Insurance group has extensive experience in providing legal advice to and managing and running business areas affected by these issues. Our goal is to ensure our clients benefit from counsel that reflects the reality of the challenges these business areas face today. We are an extremely valuable resource in navigating and understanding the challenges in building and growing a business unit, combined with the “how and why” products are purchased and sold, and the regulatory issues that impact the efficiency and success of the business unit achieving its goals.


Types of Transactions and Services:

  • Policy Form Development & Regulatory Approval Management
  • Distributor Contracting & Licensing
  • Sales Compliance Infrastructure (including N.Y. Regulation 187 Compliance)
  • State Market Conduct Examinations
  • Domiciliary State Examinations
  • Reinsurance Structures, Agreement Development & Regulatory Compliance
  • Separate Account Development & Compliance for Products that are Securities
  • Underwriting Process & Standards Compliance
  • Policyowner & Distributor Litigation

Insurance Law Attorney:

robert elwood headshot
robert elwood headshot
Robert Elwood

Partner and Co-Founder

(484) 477-2729
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attorney bob hebron headshot
attorney bob hebron headshot
Robert Hebron


(201) 960-4015
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John Swhear - Practus
John Swhear - Practus
John C. Swhear


(317) 833-7859
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