Partner and Co-Founder

A client once described Bob as “a lawyer who thinks like a venture capitalist.” It’s no surprise then that Bob co-founded Practus, LLP with the conviction that there is a better way to practice law—a way that would make both clients and attorneys happier. Bob’s practice focuses primarily on investment funds, start-ups, real estate, and other investments. As a business lawyer with tax savvy, he regularly advises entrepreneurs and owners of start-up companies on tax planning ideas, including entity formation and creating partnership and LLC agreements, and he has handled hundreds of reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Although Practus disrupts the traditional law firm model, one thing that hasn’t changed is Bob’s role as a trusted advisor to national and international clients. Whether as an equity partner at Dechert LLP, doing pro-bono counsel to special needs children, or as the Co-Founder of Practus, Bob solves legal problems with the wisdom and good judgment that comes from 30 years of experience. And, Bob has a knack for explaining complex subjects in a way that allows clients to make wise decisions.

If you're ever stumped on a music category while watching Jeopardy, Bob's your man. He knows a ridiculous amount of music trivia, which he routinely uses to impress his wife, his hard-to-impress sons, and complete strangers at cocktail parties. Do you know what two #1 hits with the same title were sung by two different people with the same name? Bob does.