Elliot Belilos


Elliot Belilos has spent over 30 years working with clients to ensure regulatory compliance and help them manage risk. He represents businesses and trade associations in litigation and regulatory matters relating to consumer product safety (CPSC), occupational safety and health (OSHA) and environmental law (EPA), including pesticide/antimicrobial product registration and enforcement. Elliot works with many nationally recognized brands to develop comprehensive product safety compliance programs that help manage and reduce product liability and risks.

He is well versed in due diligence reviews in consumer product corporate acquisitions, and corrective action plans, including recalls. He also specializes in workplace safety, developing compliance plans and audits as well as negotiating the best possible settlements in response to citations.

In the environmental space, Elliot advises clients on pesticide labeling, treated article exemption label reviews and enforcement resolution and pesticide registrations, and is listed on the EPA’s website as a recognized registration consultant/attorney. Prior to joining Practus, Elliot was a Contract Principal at Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz, PC and an Equity Partner at Keller and Heckman.

When Elliot is not working, he’s a big fan of baseball, in every possible way. He coaches Arlington Babe Ruth youth baseball (ages 10-13), plays second base for Arlington’s Ponce de Leon (48+) team, and is a 15 year season ticket holder with the Washington Nationals. He also enjoys cooking with his wife, Kathi, annual family ski vacations, and running and playing fetch with his chocolate lab, Maxine Scherzer.