Is Working Remotely Right for You: A Guide for Lawyers

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For many modern professionals, working from home is a luxury that is sought after, and, these days, usually afforded only by companies that truly appreciate how life actually unfolds from day to day for their employees. Many employers get stuck in the mindset that when employees aren’t in the office, they aren’t as productive. But with instant communication, streamlined technology, … Read More

Steps to Taking the Solo Practitioner Leap for Attorneys

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Much like starting any kind of business, making the change from a big law firm to a solo practitioner is a huge step. Knowing when to set out on your own is equal parts a leap of faith and thorough preparation. Here are a few important aspects of having a solo law practice that you absolutely should consider before making … Read More

Unhappy at Your Law Firm? How to Determine When to Make a Change

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Are you dreading heading into work tomorrow morning? Do you drag your feet when preparing for the day or spend too much time schlepping along during your ridiculous commute? Does your law firm require your presence at superfluous, interoffice meetings? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you’re looking for when it comes to practicing law or even what your expectations … Read More

Reducing Stress as a Lawyer: How to Avoid Lawyer Burnout

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Twenty-eight percent of lawyers struggle with depression; 19 percent struggle with anxiety. These statistics come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the demands of being a lawyer. Lawyers work long hours, neglect their own needs, and feel extreme competition. It’s no wonder so many suffer burnout. How will you ensure the same doesn’t happen to you or someone you … Read More

Is Work-Life Balance Supposed to be 50/50?

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The resounding answer to the ever-important question of how to balance your career and your personal life is: do what is right for you in your life. Which means that anyone claiming your personal and work-life should be split 50/50 is oversimplifying the answer and expecting what is, in actuality, completely unattainable. What “Work-Life Balance” Actually Means Though it usually … Read More

Revolutionizing the Traditional Law Firm

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The Traditional Law Firm Model Is Changing

With so many companies making the shift from the standard nine-to-five, in-office routines to a more flexible work from home schedule, it’s no wonder that the remote movement is spreading across different industries and embracing our growing global economy. But there are some markets that have been slower to catch up to our technology-fueled businesses. Traditional law firms are still … Read More

Evening the Scales: The Value of Work-Life Balance in Law

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Life as a lawyer can take a toll on your personal time, which is why many attorneys are yearning for a work-life balance that allows them to do the things they love most while also doing what they are most passionate about. Remember when you first learned about Lady Justice and the meaning of the scale she held in her … Read More