The Practus Model for Attorneys

As attorneys who put in our time at leading firms, we now believe it’s time to change the way we practice law. The days of being tied to a desk — where hours of work often count more than quality of work — are becoming a costly and inefficient formula. Lawyers who join Practus are part of a new generation of attorneys, ready to take control of their work and their lives.

The Practus Model

Typical Law Firm Model


The Practus model is founded on a balance between work and the rest of your life. Thanks to the efficiencies of technology, we believe that Practus can give you a more flexible work schedule, a choice of where you work, AND, generally, even more take-home pay. Our comprehensive and robust back-end systems make life easy for you. We reject minimum billable requirements. And we foster the independence and autonomy you’ve been yearning for.

Technology = Flexibility

We believe that flexibility is key to your happiness and success, and technology plays a big part in that for us. We equip you with the tools you need to be in control by setting up and maintaining your technology systems, providing constant tech support/resources, and utilizing cloud-based document management and virtual communications platform. All of this puts you back in the driver’s seat, so you have the flexibility to get your job done wherever you are and whenever that works for you.

We Take Care of the Rest

If you’re like many attorneys, your expertise is in practicing law, not running a firm. When you sign on with Practus, you bring only one thing: your skills as a lawyer. We’ll take care of the rest. That way, you can continue to serve your clients, while Practus takes care of the accounting, the technology, and all other the things that keep your practice running smoothly.

  • Accounting & Back-End Office Support

    Let Practus take care of billing, receivables, and other critical back office support; our support staff can even help you with business and personal tax preparation and filing.

  • Technology & IT Support

    Practus takes the worry and stress out of setting up and maintaining your technology systems by providing a platform that includes cloud-based document management and virtual communications systems, as well as the constant support of our technology staff and resources.

  • Retirement and Health Benefits

    These benefits are an important part of investing IN YOU. You are your greatest asset and that’s why we want to provide ways for you to enhance the current and future well-being of yourself and your family.

  • Flexible Billing Arrangements

    Practus gives you the flexibility to choose the way you bill your clients, whether with fixed fees, success fees, alternative fees, or contingency-based billing.

  • General Ancillary Services

    At Practus, our goal is to make you successful. We make sure you have what you need to get the job done and strike the work/life balance you've always wanted.

  • Marketing Services

    Engage our agency partner to provide professional services for communicating with your clients and prospects.