How We Work

Our pioneering business model jettisons the costly overhead and over-staffing associated with typical law firms. With a fresh approach to firm management and efficient use of technology, Practus offers exactly what smart clients are seeking: sophisticated legal advice, knowledgeable attorneys, flexible billing arrangements, and the predictability that fosters great relationships.

The Practus Model

Typical Law Firm Model

Work directly with top attorneys

Pragmatic, tech savvy, and experienced, Practus attorneys remain accessible to provide all the expert advice you seek. And although we represent a new model of law firm, we are comprised entirely of partners and counsel with many years of experience at leading national firms, corporations, and government agencies.

Efficiency through technology

Technology has made the world more efficient. And at Practus, we have taken this to heart. We believe that our use of new communications platforms produces better service, and, ultimately, a more competitive pricing structure for clients. Our attorneys take advantage of a wide range of technology solutions that makes them more efficient in their work, and more accessible to you — through videoconferencing, voice recognition software, online document collaboration tools, and other state-of-the-art devices and applications. But, of course, we’re always open to a face-to-face meeting as well!

A friendly and fair law practice

We believe being friendly and fair is good business. This fosters collaboration, so all interests are aligned. At Practus, we offer a wide range of fee arrangements, including fixed fees, success fees, alternative fees, and contingency-based billing. We have found that our relationships thrive when we use flexible billing arrangements that take the uncertainty out of projects and help save money.